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Hanafin Yoga & Meditation

Professional Yoga Teacher


We  offer classes that help students find their edge physically and mentally while simultaneously supporting their whole body and mind.  We believe that when we can connect with our breath we can also connect to our inner awareness. We all have an innate knowledge and  understanding of ourselves if we take the time to get quiet and listen.  
Emily offers Katonah inspired  Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, and Restorative classes.  Emily's experience and attention to detail are perfect for the beginner's mind.  She enjoys teaching and leading students deeper into postures with hands on adjustments and the use of props.  
Emily took her first yoga class in Julian, California.  She  loved the happy sensations in her body at the end of class.  Many years and yoga practices later, she was asked to take over a class for a friend, launching a passion for teaching. She received her 200HR certification with in 2013 with Laurel Hodory & Faculty.  


Since then, she has been on a mission to bring more yoga into Delaware, Ohio, her hometown.
She is a compassionate wife, mother, friend, and proud active citizen. 
Emily is incredibly knowledgeable, and she makes yoga accessible to everyone. If you’ve never done yoga, she will guide you through and give you confidence that makes you want to learn more. If you’re more experienced, she can help you challenge yourself as well as understand how to gain more than just a good stretch from your practice. Try a class with her- you’ll be hooked!
Beth M.
Emily has a super inviting way of teaching.  She's comprehensive and approachable, and keep a sense of humor that's warm and makes class fun.
Kelsey F.
This class has been unlike any other yoga class I've taken.  Emily "sees" each student and desires to encourage your own personal growth at whatever starting period you are at.  I have learned so much about the "why's" of yoga and not just the "what and how"
Liz R.
Emily is the perfect yoga instructor for students of any level.  She provides clear instruction that makes even the most difficult pose simple to follow.  I would highly recommend Emily!
Anne M.
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